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Flux Geophysics in conjunction with Digital Link is providing the mining and petroleum industries with an alternative source for economical quality aeromagnetic survey. The principal in Flux Geophysics has experience of over 30 years in the geophysical hardware and airborne survey business with extensive field and international expertise.

During the past years Flux Geophysics completed fixed-wing surveys of over 170,000 km of high-resolution horizontal gradient in Northern Canada. Flux Geophysics has also flown over 140,000 km of helicopter magnetometer surveys in Northern Ontario, Yukon and Alaska.

Flux Geophysics owns three complete aeromagnetic systems which were designed in-house. Software for data collection, navigation and base-station was written specially for Flux Geophysics. Our equipment is robust and backed up with sufficient spares to virtually eliminate equipment down time. The aircraft that were leased in Canada and the USA included Piper Navajo, Cessna 206 and King Air 90, as well as Bell-206B and Hughes 500D helicopters.



Flux Geophysics is able to offer both helicopter and fixed-wing surveys in single sensor
and horizontal gradiometer configurations.

Quality control of the collected data is done infield and is available to client in XYZ file format within 24 hrs. We will be pleased to serve you.

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